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Carpet care

The carpets you buy from us are investments for years, so it is important to take proper care of them. Below you can find some tips that will make this task easier for you.

Wool is a raw material that provides the right microclimate in the room. Thanks to its natural lanolin content, it is resistant to dirt and stains, so regular vacuuming will help keep it in great shape.

For the first few months, carpets undergo “wool dusting”. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs in hand tufted wool carpets. It is necessary to systematically vacuum the carpet only with a suction cup without brushes – to remove the wool fluff that comes out.

*Carpet dusting is not a proper argument for a product complaint unless it causes “bald areas” on the carpet.

On a hand tufted carpet, individual fibers may appear. Such fibers should not be pulled out; they should be gently trimmed with scissors. The outcropping of individual fibers is a natural feature of tufted carpets, it is not a defect of the carpet.

To avoid shrinkage, use cool water when cleaning wool.

For tufted carpets, the most recommended cleaning method is steam cleaning. This is an effective method and the least invasive.

In case of heavy soiling – it is recommended to clean the carpet in professional shops (once in 2 years) with appropriately selected cleansers. It is not recommended to use the method of cleaning carpets “in depth” because it can cause permanent damage to the carpet.

If there is dirt, flooding – dry immediately, then clean with mild soap and cold water.

For wool carpets, do not use oxygen-based cleaners.

To prevent fading, avoid direct sunlight. Constant exposure to sunlight can cause the rug to fade.

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