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Berber rugs

The rays of the rising sun are reflected in the surface of the ocean waters. Morocco is awakening to life. Our trip from Marrakech to the area around the Atlas mountain ranges is about a five-hour drive. It is there that carpets have been woven since 600 B.C. The wool which is used in the process, according to oral tales, brings good luck.

Women in Morocco learn the art of weaving from an early age. They say that the most important thing is to have the center of the carpet planned, so that the effect is symmetrical. The way of weaving or the colors are often chosen spontaneously. Shapes and patterns have great symbolic significance. The eye, often placed on carpets, signifies protection from evil energy, the star is a symbol of hope and guidance, and the fish brings abundance and prosperity. This is what makes each one so special and unique.

Our selection is based on trust in local artisans and traders. We make the purchase of rugs contingent on fair-trade and fairness to the women who make them.

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