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About Us

Nomad is a journey
Nomad.Warsaw was born out of a love of travel and a desire to tell stories through items brought from all corners of the world. It is the constant flirtation between art and utility that drives the concept to continually evolve. We believe that people want to surround themselves with beautiful objects and express themselves through art. We are here to make those dreams come true.

Nomad is a craft
When opening Nomad.Warsaw, in Warsaw’s Powiśle district, in 2020, Joanna Marcysiak was confident and determined. Graduating with a degree in art history and archaeology in the south of France, she knew her adventure with beauty was not over. She is fascinated by tribal art, non-obvious color combinations, handmade craftsmanship and, above all, the people who are the creators.

Nomad is timeless
Nomad.Warsaw’s vision is to celebrate craftsmanship, tradition, while supporting young, emerging artists. We are happy when, thanks to us, their audience expands and becomes international. From rugs from Morocco, through Spanish ceramics and Australian glass to baskets from Ghana. We value handmade work and follow a strategy of sustainable development. We believe that the investments made at Nomad.Warsaw are for the long term, which is why we encourage you to choose timeless art made with love and care for the highest quality.


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